1. Vision

Nationally recognized as a leading applied university for excellence in education, research, technology transfer, innovation, and creativity.

Articulation of the Vision

  • As a leading applied university, we envision ourselves being one of the top ten universities in Vietnam; the university of choice for education and applied research and forging unity and collaboration with schools, faculty students, alumni, partners, and industry;
  • As a leading applied university having a reputation for excellence in education and applied research, we develop application-oriented academic programs in response to the practical needs of society;
  • As a leading applied university having reputation for excellence in technology transfer, innovation, and creativity, we embrace, nurture and develop new ideas, start-ups, cooperation, industrial transformation and smartization, and the commercialization of research products.
  1. Mission

IUH provides high-quality human resources who have competence, attributes, and ability to integrate globally to contribute to Vietnam’s socio-economic development.

Articulation of the Mission

  • High-quality human resources are those who have professional qualifications that meet practical requirements of society; ability to think creatively; entrepreneurship;
  • Human resources with competence and attributes are those who possess moral values, compassion, and passion in research and learning; logical thinking, breakthrough initiatives, safety mindset, and team spirit; good attitude, working style and responsibility for work;
  • Human resources with the ability to integrate globally are those who are able to adapt to regional and international working environments; have language (English) proficiency to communicate effectively in regional and international working environments and acquire new fields of knowledge; demonstrate strong IT skills to advance new knowledge and modern technology;
  • High-quality human resources that can make their contribution to Vietnam’s socio-economic development are those who are able to increase work productivity to meet the demands of national and international markets; enrich their intellectual and work life through their engagement in community service and contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.
  1. Strategic Objectives
    • Strategic Thrusts

To have a state-of-the-art management system and to build an educational eco-system for training high-quality human resources contributing to society, bringing practical values as well as the effectiveness from research activities, technology transfer and international cooperation;

To be a premier application-oriented university leading in education, research and technology transfer; promote active community engagement and service; improve vibrant student life and build a state-of-the-art campus; retain and develop professional personnel; strengthen financial autonomy.

  • Objectives and Strategy

In order to achieve IUH Strategic Thrusts, IUH Objectives and Strategy are formulated as follows:

  • To be a premier application-oriented university leading in education, research and technology transfer: increase the quality of graduates; enhance employability and placement of graduates; increase internationalization of programs; enhance study programs to meet quality assurance standards; increase collaboration with organizations in graduates recruitment; increase high quality national and international publications; implement policy to support researchers in international research collaboration; promote technology transfer;
  • Promote active community engagement and service (Promote community engagement; increase community service; develop effective media for communication): expand active citizen activities in community engagement; promote entrepreneurial activities; encourage students to take part in community service; promote staffs take part in community service; diversify media for communication; develop competence for information and communication personnel;
  • Improve vibrant student life and build a state-of-the-art campus (Improve vibrant student life; building the state-of-the-art campus): develop convenient campus life; build green campus; upgrade teaching & learning facility; state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure; develop E-learning system;
  • Retain and develop high quality and professional personnel (attracting high quality and professional personnel; training and developing high quality and professional personnel; retaining high quality and professional personnel): recruiting professional personnel; diversify recruitment; enhance training personnel activities; increase developing personnel activities; establish strategic competences; implement work arrangements based on personnel competencies; promote working environment; enhance staff income system;
  • Strengthen financial autonomy (strengthen sustainable revenue; increase investment for strategic areas; implement finance risk management and business continuity plan): enhance revenue through education; enhance revenue through other resources; reasonable investment for human resource; reasonable investment for education and research; reasonable investment for community engagement and student life; enhance budget for risk management; enhance budget for business continuity plan.
  1. Core Values

The IUH core values are “Innovation – Unity – Humanity”.

Articulation of Core Values

Fostering IUH Innovation mindset, Unity strength and Humanity values for the Nation’s prosperity.

  • Innovation: To continuously seek new and better ways of doing things, be creative, innovative and enterprising to try new things and to create opportunities to improve and to reach new heights;
  • Unity: To take ownership and responsibility, and work collaboratively with all organizational units and stakeholders to harness resources and capabilities and to effectively use and deploy them to realize the IUH vision and mission;
  • Humanity: To treat people and organizations with compassion, fairness, and dignity and help them realize their potential and aspirations. To work professionally and ethically as well as to serve and contribute to the community as a responsible corporate citizen.
  1. Motto

“Transforming Minds, Enriching Knowledge – Lives”

Articulation of the Motto

Transforming the minds of students, graduates, and staff through quality education and applied research to enrich knowledge and the lives of the Vietnamese people and businesses for a sustainable economy and higher standard of living.

  1. Educational Philosophy

The CARE Graduate Attributes of IUH, a distinctive identity and image of IUH students and graduates; an alignment with the core values, stakeholders’ needs, educational philosophy, program educational objectives and program learning outcomes as well as to serve marketing purposes are as follows:



CARE IUH Graduate Attributes

Graduate Elements (IUH Graduates will demonstrate):

Compassionate Leader

–    Compassion and ethics in leadership

–    Effective teamwork and cooperation

–    Management and communication skills in leading teams

–    Confidence and respect to others

Avid Lifelong Learner

–    Curiosity and eagerness to learn and relearn

–    Open mindedness and receptive to new ideas, concepts, knowledge, etc.

Rational Thinker

–    Critical thinking in the analysis of facts and alternatives before making judgement

–    Analyze and solve problems rationally and systematically

Enterprising Innovator

–    Entrepreneurship mindset and resourcefulness

–    Creativity and innovation in generating ideas and solving real-life issues

–    Identify opportunities and take managed risks

IUH’s educational philosophy aims to nurture its students and graduates with CARE attributes and to prepare them for life and future world of work. It educates students and graduates in applying and advancing knowledge through hands-on experience, active and experiential learning and applied research to meet the needs of stakeholders and the society. The IUH community lives in transforming minds and enriching knowledge and lives of students, graduates and stakeholders by serving the community and contributing to the betterment of the society.

Articulation of Educational Philosophy

  • CARE attributes – To nurture students and graduates as compassionate leaders, avid lifelong learners, rational thinkers, and enterprising innovators;
  • Applying and advancing knowledge – curricula are designed to assure their relevancy and currency considering industrial development and trends and stakeholders’ needs using outcome-based education to meet national, regional and international quality assurance standards;
  • Preparing for life and future of work – immerse students and graduates in the real-life environment and world of work through internships, projects, applied research, experiments, active learning, and community service. Equipping students and graduates with lifelong skills such as critical thinking, creativity, innovation, communication and management skills, compassion and entrepreneurship mindsets;
  • Transforming minds, enriching knowledge and lives – through community services, and contributing to businesses and the economy through applied research and technology transfer for a sustainable economy and higher standard of living.
  1. Quality Policy

– IUH adopts a comprehensive approach to quality assurance through market-oriented planning and curriculum development based on economic and industrial development and trends, stakeholders’ needs and industry and academic linkages;

– IUH continuously improves its quality assurance by actively engaging its stakeholders and keeping abreast of the latest technology and the best educational and research practices;

– A community of competent and dedicated staff, together with an effective teaching and learning system, produces graduates with CARE attributes, who can meet the challenges and the future world of work;

– To support its continuing quality effort and promote a quality culture throughout the IUH, it has implemented a quality management system that meets the requirements of national, regional and international standards.